Book publishing for the modern writer.

Welcome to Cardinal Moon Press where publishing is done right.

As a traditional publisher flipping the current paradigm on its head, we believe the following:

We are for the writers and support what they want to write about, not what the “market” deems popular

  • We want the ideas that make our authors stay awake at night to become the books they write

  • As a publisher, we will make the market work for the writer, not the other way around (and if we can’t achieve this, we shouldn’t be publishing books)

We are inclusive, intersectional, and are always looking for voices from a vast array of experiences and backgrounds

  • Give us the single parent that gets up at 4am to get the story written before getting their kids off to school and then going to their 9-5

  • Give us the verbal storyteller who has macular degeneration or dyslexia or cerebral palsy but can write by recording beautiful musings with their voice to be transcribed

  • Give us the tired & inspired bard who sits at the back of an overcrowded subway etching poems into their battered notebook on the way home from a night class after juggling 2 jobs

  • Give us the teacher who, during their lunch break, squeezes in 15 minutes of writing in order to keep chipping away at the manuscript

  • Give us the writer that didn’t take the “normal” creative track

    These are the writers that become our authors.

We are as eco-friendly as possible

  • We consistently look into ways to publish and distribute that are better for the environment and don’t cause more damage to this here home we circle the cosmos on. This includes:

    • Making a commitment to creating books using both pre- and post-consumer recycled paper with an aim to be at 100% post-consumer recycled paper in the (near) future

    • Partnering with printers who value & prioritize the environment as much as we do

    • Using digital editing & proofing as well as digital author contracts to cut down on paper use

    • Careful forecasting for printed books & sustainable production of paper, inks, finishes & packing and shipping

We love quality & make beautiful books for you to hold in your hands

  • Not only for reading but for admiring (You know you love a good cover!)

  • We work with the best editors and designers to bring you a quality book (inside and out) that you will hold dear for years and years

  • Quality is priceless - we want books to feel like the art that they are

We are for the readers

  • For you picking up a book and curling up on a couch, our books are for you

  • For you standing at the kitchen counter, ignoring the boiling water for dinner as you finish the last chapter, our books are for you

  • For you sneaking in “just 5 more minutes” on Audible before class or in the pick up line or before work, our books are for you

  • For you getting lost in the words on your lunch hour and forgetting about your 1:15pm meeting, our books are for you

  • For you spending time wandering the aisles of your favorite bookstore and library, running your fingertips over spines, searching, our books are for you

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